Product Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BSGM-41ROCK CYCLE MODEL Display Demonstration-Project Model relates coastal and Mountains terrains in natural color relief plus cross section diagram of the substance of a typical volcano colors with lesson plan. Size 60x45cms 10000
BSGM-42OCEAN FEATURE MODEL Relief map North Atlantic Ocean shows typical portion of ocean floor. It is easy to identify all the major Ocean Features, complete with Lessor Plan. Size 45x60 cms10000
BSGM-43HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE MODEL The hydrological cycle describes the constant movement of water above, on and below the Earth's surface 10000
BSGM-44EARTH HISTORY MODEL Model to assist learners at all leaves in visualizing the changes that have accurred in the life of the Earth and also used to illustrate several imprtant principles in geology Size 45x60 cms 11500
BSGM-45LAND FORM MODEL For investigation of Geographical and geological Features eight land form models join to form a continuous 3'x3' model and provide the mountains, lakes, arrivers, deserts, Glaciers, Coastlines, Canyons and Cultural Point with lesson Plan. Size 90x90cm 15000
BSGM-46Comparative Terrain Model Set of 2 full color land form models each includes an overlay representing ancient mountain aorms that can be removed and compared with the base model to show changes millions of year later. Cross section show basic mountain type, volcanic fault block, glaciated domes, and folded mountains includes lesson plan. Size 45x60 cms 11500
BSGM-47ALPINE GLACIER MODEL Consists of two parts heavy plastic overlay of mountains terrain in rock color with snow and ice mass in white, second model of the same terrain shows post glacial conditions11500