Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-25Large Size Fault Model Very Superior, Size (Cm): 45.5x20x178500
BSGM-26Model of fold structure and its geomorphic evolution. The land form features formed by folding tectonics and change of land form after the action of external force size (cm): 50x32x20 6000
BSGM-27 Model of Fault Diatrophism, fracture structure and horst-garben, Shows tectonic structure & diastrophism in Geology, Size (cm): 50x22x20 6000
BSGM-28Modl of Plate Tectonic and Landform Development Size (cm): 59.5x31x138500
BSGM-29Model of Folding Tectonics and Landform Evolution Size (cm): 50x23x15 6000
BSGM-30 Model of island Formation This model involves four types of island formation, continental island, coral island, volcanic island and alluvial island Size (cm): 50x35x12 8500
BSGM-31Model of plate structure and surface Morphology. Size(cm): 60x40x20 8500
BSGM-32Model of Contour Map Interpretation Various Land forms are represented in layered three dimention Size(cm): 60x50x408500
BSGM-33Model of Delta Size (cm): 60x49x20 8500
BSGM-34 Model of bottom configuration Size cm): 50x35x12 10000
BSGM-35Model of Landform Size (cm): 50x35x20 8500
BSGM-36 Model of Depositional Formation Size (cm): 40x10x12 6000
BSGM-37Model of Volcano Size (cm): 42x42x1710000
BSGM-38Model of Volcano. Showing a Volcano cut into half thus exposing its internal structure in great detail. Size (cm): 50x22x206000
BSGM-39The Earth's Layer Model 5000
BSGM-40 Model of changes on earth's crust Size (cm): 45x12x166000