made of rigid PVC sheet with a markable & washable surface

Size of each model 100 x 75 cms supplied with hard backing aluminium frame & hanging hooks

Price of each model with frame each Rs. 5000/-

Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BSGM-48THE VOLCANIC SYSTEM Shows different parameters how colcanoes take place & the hanging feature there after5000
BSGM-49FORMATION OF ROCKS Shows the Geological cycle and the process of ever changing contents of earth, which Result in formation of Rocks5000
BSGM-50GLACIAL LANDSCAPE Shows the landscape befor and after glacial action5000
BSGM-51WEATHERING MODEL Shows how climate precipitation and temp, along with mechanical & chemical process decomposes both Rocks & Soil shows how the weathering process works.5000
BSGM-52MODEL EARTH QUAKE Shows the origin, motion produced & the effects of earth quakes 5000
BSGM-53GEOGRAPHICAL TERMS Showing ideal features of landscape to rach the formation of particular geographical terms 5000
BSGM-54CONVENTIONAL SIGNS Showing about 60 signs in actual relief5000
BSGM-55STORY OF THE EARTH Shows the earth's Geological history from the very beginning till today 5000
BSGM-56INTERIOR OF EARTH Showing inner, outer material and formation of the earth5000
BSGM-57ORIGIN OF THE EARTH Shows various stages through which the earth was formed 5000
BSGM-58MODEL OF THE LAKES Shows different kinds of lakes and how lakes become firm ground 5000
BSGM-59MODE OF RESTLESS EARTH Showing sea floor spreading of crust, subduction zones, the continents Mid-Ocean Ridge.5000
BSGM-60RIVER IN ACTION (Water Cycle) Showinng the stages of river actions in different phases 5000
BSGM-61OXYGEN & CARBON CYCLE IN NATURE- Showing in details the oxygen & carbon dioxide in the air, photosynthesis and repirentration5000
BSGM-62AIR & WATER POLLUTION Showing the factors that cause Pollution both in the air as well as in the water, Printed in multicolors in actual relief5000
BSGM-63ROCKS & VOLCANOES Showing in details the (I) Sedimentary Rocks (II) Igneous Rocks (III) Metamorphic Rocks (IV) Volcanoes 5000