Biotech Office /Drawing Appliabces

Product code
Product description
Price (Rs.)
BOI-1Drawing Board-Superior Big Quality

Size 23''x32 16''x23'' 12''x18''

Price Each 875 415 225

BOI-2Revoilving Stool Metalic with adustable SS Top 1135/-
BOI-3nimeter sliding Bar Pattern-for measuring areas direct from drawing & maps.complete in case with instructionSize 25'' or 70cm 1000/-

45'' or 112cm 1500/-

BOI-4Planimeter Model KP-27-Japan made with zero setting device size 28'' can be set in English or Metric System 55000/-

B.Digital Planimeter placon japan model kp 92 N- 78000/-
BOI-5Pentagraphs-Most Imported Quality for enlarging & reducing maps & drawing etc.Complete in box with instructionSize 24'' 30'' 48''

Each 1500 1900 2400

BOI-6Rdiograph-Most improvrd quality very rigid divided capable of enlarging 7 reducing maps or drawingh etc.1:1 to 1;8 compete with accessories in a wooden box.Size 24'' 30'' 36''

Each 2300 2500 3000

BOI-7Drawing Instrument box-as per ISI Specification700/-
BOI-8Rotring Variant spare pens-set of 8 complte pens with ink compass attachment in orginal plastic box per700/-
BOI-9Rotring Variant spare pens-Any number point only700/-
BOI-10Rotring Ink Black- or any other colour 25 ml160/-
BOI-11U.N.O Original set of 6 H England made complete set 6000/-
BOI-12U.N.O Type Stencil set No. 6 H-Contain 7 plates of upright capital letters.7 plates of figures.with 5 deluxe pens per set 1025/-
BOI-17U.N.O type stecil set no 9 H-Comprising of 24 stencil plated and other accessories arranges in presentation box.complete1800/-