Educational CD’s Cassetes

Educational CD’s Cassetes
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Sleepy Heads, Amoeba ,Protista.
How Insect develop part I, II, Life of forest
What are cells, Roll of cell membrance,
peripherale Nervous System.
About your body,Tissue of the Human body, Body light Diseases.
Life cycle of Insects Part I & II , life cycle of
Meiosis, Mitosis, Circulabory system.
Temperature regulation, chemistry of the
CEII Part I & II.
Circulation of the heart, respiratory reproductive and nervous system.
Liver digestive system Part I & II Lymphatic
Parasites Microbiology , Microbes.
Automatic Nervous system and drugs.
Life cycle of Frog,Skeleton,Skin,Sense organs, Egg & Sperms.
Skin Perception Part I & II.
Introduction of dissection,work of kideny.
Human Brain Part I the self Memory.
Human Brain Part II Language and seeing.
Human brain Part III fear madness.
Cellular Respiration I Glycolysis.
Cellular respiration II krep cycle meta
bolism and Nutrition.
Energy flow-I
Organic Evolution-I ,Darwin, Mendel etc
Organic Evolution-II ,Meiotic Mutation.
Protein synthesis-I,stuff of life DNA and
its repliction.
Protein synthesis-II RNA Transfer RNA
Ribosomal RNA.