Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BPE-1 Biotech Tablet DIsintergration Machine-
for distentegration time of tablets per IP 1985 standards single basket.
BPE-2 Biotech Dissolution Rate Test Equipment-
for determination of dissolution rate test of tablets
as per I.P. specification .Complete with water bath which permits the water constantly in motion and
in holding the temperature at 37'C fitted with a motor provided with speed regulator.
BPE-3Biotech friability Test Apparatus-fordeter-mination of duability of tablets single drum. 7500/ -
A)-do- Digital Display 16500/-
BPE-4Table Counting Device -for 100 Tablet 1000/-
BPE-5 Biotech Ampule filling & sealing Device :- operated with pistion of syringe having adjustment for quantity of liquid with burner for sealing. 7200/-
A) - do- Electrical
BPE-6Biotech ampule clearity test apparatus- milk white and lack screen fitted on board with diffused light arrangement adjustable slide arm with clamp for holding magnifier 3750/-
BPE-7Biotech Ampule Washing Device JET Needle type 4548/-
BPE-8Bottle Sealing machine -portable hand operated. 6810/-
BPE-9 Biotech bottle / Cap sealing Machine- Hand operated with two extra cap. holder of different size heavy base. 9990/-
BPE-10Biotech Blender - Electric operated with speed control and 2 stainless steel cup/ jar.6500/-
BPE-11Biotech Ball Mill - Motor driven capacity made of SS.Cap. 1lit 2Lit 3 Lit
Rs Each 16000/- 24000/- 35000/-
BPE-12Biotech Conical Perculator - SS tripod stand. 1300/-
BPE-13 Biotech Collapsable Tube filling Machine-Machine stroke type capsule filling tube ( from 5 gms to 50 gms ) detachable nozels provided for each separate capacity. 11500/-
BPE-14 Biotech Capsule filling machine -Semi automatic. 25500/-
BPE-15 Biotech Cannule- made of corning glass arterial or venous or syn's perfusion T- cannule. 60/-
BPE-16Biotech cannule- made of brass- Tracheal with adjustable air vent. 564/-
BPE-17Biotech Disintergrator - polished hooper with 2" diameter, over fitted with electric motor consisting of four steel hammers fixed to a disc of
3 " dia through which passes a shaft being revolved to approx 3000 RPM.

The hammers are enclosed in a drum .the lower part of the drum is made of detachable screen (Sieve)
of different meah i.e. coarse medium and fine are supplied.
BPE-17ACrown Sealing Machine - Hand Operated 6000/-
BPE-18 Biotech filteration equipment- having following :-
a. Membrane filter holder dia 47 mm.
b. Buckner funnel to stainless steel.
c. Vacuum flask
BPE-19Biotech filteration Assembly complete- contact rt made of SS complete with pressure vessel stainless steel 20 litre cap &1.4 HP motor compressor with tank 56338/-
BPE-20 Granulating sieve- stainless steel 8" 650/-
BPE-21Hand grind Mill- with adjustment for making coarse and fine power on metalic stand. 3000/-
BPE-22Biotech rabbit holder -

small .
BPE-23Biotech Rabbit holder for large animal 1620/-
BPE-24Biotech suppository Mould- for making moulds.4 moulds 6 moulds 12 moulds 18 moulds 625/- 800/- 1450/- 3100/-
BPE-25Biotech Tablet Making Machine- size of the die and punch 9mm. Automatic compression and ejection device with devolution of the wheel drive, automatic feed, removal of tablets. The unit is built on a heavy cast of mold steel fabricated with accentric , pressure system. Hopper provided and connected by a rubber tube. Easy setting for thickness and hardness of tablets.COmplete with one die and set of punch of chromium steel. 24000/-
BPE-25A Biotech Tablets making machine motor driven- Hammer type, heavy duty with 1/2 HP electric motor. 63000/-
BPE-25BSpare Die and Purches- 6.9 or 12mm
(Any one) each.
BPE-26Biotech Coating Pan 12" made of stainless steel -fitted with great box. Air blower is operated independently.12000/-
BPE-27Biotech Tablets polishing pan 8" dia 3500/-
BPE-28Biotech Hardness Tester.Mansanto type Pfizer type

2000/- 4550/-
BPE-29Biotech bottle filling Machine- hand operated 14148/-
BPE-29ABiotech bottle filling Machine Motorised 38500/-
BPE-29BBiotech VIAL Sealing Machine - hand operated17040/-
BPE-30Biotech Tube Sealing & Crimping Machine - Hand Operated 4440/-
BPE-31Biotech Continuous Hot Extrataction Equipment. complete unit w/o glass parts. 7200/-
BPE-32Biotech Tincture Press - Contact part of S.S. 3500/-
BPE-33 Biotech ASEPTIC Cabinet- Complete with ultra violet germicidial tube and halogen tube. Two
holl for insertia hands for working fully visible door.
BPE-34Biotech Ointment /Drug spatula SS 6x1" 96/-
BPE-35Biotech Priscription Balance - 50 / 100g with 1mgm to 50 gm wt box.1920/-
BPE-36Biotech Rota rod- No of compartment.Single Double Triple

9250/- 10150/- 13350/-
BPE-37Spirometer - cap. 6 liter counter balance chamber made of stainless steel.11736/-
BPE-38Biotech Telethermometer digital - Single probe siz prove9204/-
BPE-39Biotech Cock's pole climbing response apparatus : Built in solid state buzer & stimulator to provide electrical shock of 440 V02 a frequency of 5 per second for a duration controlled manualy or by built in 30 seconds.18990/-
BPE-40 Biotech activity cage :- (Actophotometer Digital ) with six photo cells and totalizer or counter digital.13000/-
BPE-41Biotech Analgesiometer a. Mark I radiant heat type of tall
ficker type . 10080/-
b. Mark II contract heat type. 15600/-
c- Mark III Eddy Hot plate for determining
analgestic effect of drug. 19800/-
c. Mark IV Radiant heat digital type 34200/-
BPE-42Biotech Histamine chamber-compact Histamien aerosol apparatus. 8124/-
BPE-43Biotech Eectro convelsometer - for as say of anti convulsant & epiolepit drug. 11400/-
BPE-44Biotech Free ICE Flaking Machine - production cap. 70 kgs. of ICE per day, sotrage
cap. 30 kgs. quality compressor & art cooled condensation CFC / HCFC free, flake type Ice producer,auto cut off in case of no water supply autocut off Ice storage bin full ,rust free body with casters for easy mobility complete unit.
BPE-45 Biotech Mini Cold rack / Blood bank refrigerator - size 150 x 75 x 75 cms ( Approx ) inside all SS with 2/3 shelves.15 amp power supply clamping rod 2" tube light liquid. Double door system, Outer dorf fill view singlke piece double
well insulated glass ,Inner doors three pieces acrylic sheet so as not to loose the temperature fast. Thermostatic control working temp. 4 degree C to
6 degree C (Factory set ) PUF insulation between Inner & outer walls.CFC/HCFC free unit housed in
a wheeled base cabinet,complete unit .
BPE-46Biotech Vaccine storage cabinet Inner chamber :- digital indicator -cum-tem .Coixtroller auto- alarm temp.Range 3'Cto 4"C . 1128000/-
BPE-47iotech Lyphollizer (freeze Dryer ) - Micro process based,stainless steel with digital cum tem.controller temp. range 20'C to (- 40'C) 324000/-
BPE-48Biotech Mortuary chamber with digital display cum temp. controller.cap. Temp range 2'C- 5'C 15'C-20'C
1. single body 216000/- 252000/-
2.Two bodies 252000/- 282000/-
BPE-49Sonicator -Ultra Sonic cleaning bath. 31200/-