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Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -77AStudy of single stage RC coupled amplifier. "Symtronics /Biotech" without VTVM & oscillator2500/-
BR -77BStudy of 2-stage RC coupled amplifier. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM & oscillator.3150/-
BR -77CStudy of F.E.T.amplifier. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM & scillator2700/-
BR -77DStudy of transformer coupled amplifier. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM & oscillator 3350/-
BR -77ER-C transmission line study board. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM7700/-
BR -77FL-C Transmission line study board. "Symtronics/Biotech" without VTVM, oscillator & resistance box.8500/-
BR -77GStefan's law apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply with 2 analog meters.4500/-
BR -77HZener diode as voltage regulator. "Symtronics/Biotech" complete with power supply with 2 analog meters.3750/-
BR -77IClipping & claiming circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete with power supply. 3950/-
BR -77JConversion of galvanometer into voltmeter. "Symtronics/Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters.3640/-
BR -77KConversion of galvnometers into ammeter. "Symtronics/Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters.3770/-
BR -77LR.C. circuit as low pass/high pass filter. "Symtronics/Biotech" without oscillator & VTVM/CRO. 3460/-
BR -77MKirchoff's law apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply & 2 analog meters. 3950/-
BR -77NStudy of various filter circuits using L.C. & R. "Symtronics/ Biotech" withput oscillator VTVM/CRO3250/-
BR -77O LCR configuration apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech" to study LC & R in series /parallel & to study effect LC & R in various configuration in filter circuit. 4800/-
BR -77PLCR impedence apparatus. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4350/-
BR -77QVoltage doubler & tripler circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 3900/-
BR -77R Flashing & Quenching of neon bulb. "Symtronics/ Biotech" with power supply but without stop watch.3150/-
BR -77STo verify millman theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.4100/-
BR -77TTo verify thevnin theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.3950/-
BR -77UTo verify Norton theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.3950/-
BR -77VTo verify maximum power transfer theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.3950/-
BR -77WTo verify Reciprocity theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.4080/-
BR -77XTo verify Super Position theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" complete.4080/-
BR -77YVerification of networks theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech" thevnin, nortion super position & M. power transfer.7600/-
BR -77ZVerification of tellagans theoram. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4080/-


Product ModelProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BR -96Circuit Designer board model. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for desining circuits of OR, And & NOT gates using diodes & Transistors.3500/-
BR -97 Logic gate trainer. model LG-399, "Symtronics/ Biotech" for studying and or Nand, NOR & NOT gates. 2500/-
BR -98Logic gate trainer. model LG-321 "Symtronics/ Biotech" for stuyding gate. De-morgan;s theoram & boolean expressions half adder circuit & combinational logic circuit.8650/-
BR -99Logic gate trainer. LG-341. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for stuyding sequential & F cominational logic circuits.9750/-
BR -100Digital IC trainer. "Symtronics/ Biotech" for verfication of laws/theoram of boolean algebra. study of gates. verification of imp. TTL circuit parameters building of flips -flops using gates & their timings. study of shift register operations. series to parallel conversion & implementing registers using flip-flops, verification of operation of decades & up/down counter, implementing adders using gates. study of comparator & understanding 7 segment displays & decoders/drivers & study of monoshot truth table & timings.19800/-
BR -101Linear IC trainer. "Symtronics/ Biotech". For study op-amp characterstics like open loop gain. output resistance. differential input resistance unity gain bandwidth rated output. full power responce. slewing rate input offset voltage. input bias current. input noise current, CMRR, common mode input resistance. Study of op-amp application like inverting amplifier, voltage follower, differentiator, integrator, log ampligier, limiter, ac/dc converter etc. Study of operation of monolithic voltage regulator & verification of regulator characterstics. Study of characterstics & operation of high speed voltage comparator & study of comparator application: Schmitt trigger. pulse width modulation etc. Study of PLL & measurment of imp. PLL characterstics like lock range, capture range VCO sensitivity & VCO lineraity etc.19800/-
BR -102Ti study TS, D & JK flip-flop, "Symtronics/ Biotech"3950/-
BR -103To study RS, D,T, JK & JK master slave flip-flop "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4450/-
BR -104To study operation & characterstics of a programmable shift register. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3300/-
BR -105To study left, Right, & programmeable shift register. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3500/-
BR -106To study half adder using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 2250/-
BR -106ATo verify half/full adder & subtractor. "Symtronics/ Biotech"2500/-
BR -107To study half subtractor using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech"2500/-
BR -107ADigital to analog convertor( D to A) "Symtronics/ Biotech" 3500/-
BR -108o study full adder using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech"2950/-
BR -109To study full subtractor using various gates. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3040/-
BR -110Analog to digital convertor (A to D) . "Symtronics/ Biotech"3350/-
BR -111To study encoder & decoder circuit. "Symtronics/ Biotech"3350/-
BR -112To construct & study 4-bit ripple counter. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4000/-
BR -113Study of 4-1 line multiplexer using IC . "Symtronics/ Biotech"4150/-
BR -114Study of 16-1 line multiplexer using IC. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4600/-
BR -115Study of 1-4 line demultiplexer using IC. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4150/-
BR -116Study of 1-16 line demultiplexer using IC. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4600/-
BR -117Study of BCD to 7 segment decoder. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4000/-
BR -118Study of BCD to decimal decoder. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4000/-
BR -119Study of parity circuits. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4200/-
BR -120Verification of arithmatic logic unit (alu) using IC 74181. "Symtronics/ Biotech"4200/-
BR -121To study 4 bit adder & subtractor using IC. 7483. "Symtronics/ Biotech" 4200/-
BR -122To study 4 bit parallel adder/ subtractor using IC. 7483 & IC 7486 . "Symtronics/ Biotech"3300/-
BR -123To study random access memory (RAM) . "Symtronics/ Biotech"6500/-
BR -124Study of read only memor (ROM). "Symtronics/ Biotech"7300/-