Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BBW -15Water tap swan neck, Sytronics / Biotech gunmetal 3/8" bore, wtih swan neck bend, Chromium plated.
No. of Taps -1 ways1080/-
No. of Taps -2 ways2160/-
No. of Taps -3 ways2400/-
BBW -16Water tap "Symtronics / Biotech" Gunmetal
No. of taps - 1 ways1400/-
Gas Tap -600/-
No. of taps - 2 ways2160/-
Gas Tap -750/-
No. of taps - 3 ways2400/-
Gas Tap -880/-
No. of taps - 4 ways2800/-
Gas Tap -1050/-
BBW -17Bunsen burner. "Symtronics / Biotech" superior quality with brass pipe and with air regulator without stop cock320/-
BBW -18Bunsen burner. "Symtronics/ Biotech" superior quality with brass pipe and with air regulator with stop cock350/-
BBW -19Mecker high temprature burner "Symtronics/Biotech" Brass C.P. pipe850/-
BBW -20Retrod stand "Symtronics /Biotech" cost iron base.
Size of rod base - 18x4x6"180/-
Size of rod base - 24x5x7"240/-
Size of rod base - 24x8x5"315/-
BBW -21(i) Universal clamp,"Symtronics / Biotech" moulded type. with boss head. small size. Opening 2.5 approxmately125/-
(ii) Big size opening 3.5" approxmately170/-
BBW -22Tool chest, "Symtronics/ Biotech" in tool box with mini handsaw, hammer, chisel, gimlet pliers, plane oil stone pincer rasp. two files baby 50mm rule driver universal wrench 2 screw drivers.3500/-
BBW -22B-do- same as above but with spanner set (no. 6 to 22) & screw drivers.5000/-
BBW -23Tool kit imported - 100 pices kit all type of general work.4850/-
BBW -24Tool kit special quality with electrical operated drill. Machine & other instrumets9360/-
BBW -25Sprit level. "Symtronics / Biotech" round type, brass body.
Size - 2"
BBW -26Drilling machine, chinese, electric4500/-
BBW -26B-do - Superior quality (engineering)8500/-
BBW -27Pench Clip. "Symtronics /Biotech"24/-
BBW -28Screw clip. "Symtronics/ Biotech" Brass C.P. 1 size60/-
BBW -29Cork borer set of 6-brass C.P.140/-