Product CodeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
BM- 1AScrew Gauge Biotech. send blasted Circular brass body with steel Screw & Pivot Ratchet Stop
Range Box - 0 to 10 mm
Stell Thread IME - 210/-
Type in velvet -320/-
BM- 1ARange Box -0 to 15 mmStell Thread IME -250/-
Type in velvet -340/-
BM- 1ARange Box -0 to 20 mmStell Thread IME -264/-
Type in velvet -380/-
BM- 1ARange Box -0 to 25 mmStell Thread IME -380/-
Type in velvet - 550/-
BM- 1BScrew gauge Engineering Type1700/-
BM- 1CScrew Gauge Imported dial type 3250/-
BM- 1DMicrometer (screw gauge) demonstration 20 cm. 1450/-
BM- 1EMicrometer (screw gauge) demonstration 20 cm imported with digital display 6600/-
BM- 2Apherometer Brass Body with steel scerw & legs
1/100 mm
BM- 2A1/200 mm250/-
BM- 2ASpherometer, college Pattern Double disc370/-
BM- 2ADouble Disk 1/100mm310/-
BM- 2ADouble Disk 1/200mm330/-
BM-2BSpherometer Demonstration, Biotech disc dia about 15 cms Aluminium.1450/-
BM- 3Vernier Callipers, Biotech with depth gauge
BM- 3A15 cms. vernier reading to 0.001 cms. chromium plated100/-
BM- 3B-do- but with wheel drive 470/-
BM- 3C-do- IME type in box with thump350/-
BM- 3D-do- with dial type Guaranted Accuracy Imported1860/-
BM- 3E -do- Imported with digital display2640/-
BM- 4Model of Vernier, Demonstration type. 60 cms long channel type wooden Polshied1450/-
BM- 5Young's Modulus Apparatus Searles Pattern Biotech
BM- 5ABody made of steel1275/-
BM- 5ABody made of Brass1550/-
BM- 5AWooden case for above extra490/-
BM- 5ASet of 9 slotted weights 1/2 Kgm. each and one hanger1400/-
BM- 5BYoung's Modules of Rods, Searles, Biotech (interference frings method) complete in all respects13100/-
BM- 5CYoung's Modules Apparatus Vernier Type Biotech Complete with wall bracket and one stretching weight1250/-
BM -6Bar Pendulam Biotech. with wall bracked
BM -6ARectangular steel strip type on metre long with holes at every 5 cms. Nickel Plated 900/-
BM -6BStainless steel circular bar with marks at ever 5 cms2250/-
BM -6CBrass Circular bar nickel Plated 2800/-
BM -6DTripod stand for above extra2700/-
BM- 7Kater's Pendulam Biotech with wall bracket.
BM- 7ASteel rod 100 cms long Nickel Plated2250/-
BM- 7BStainless steel Rod brass with brass weights6000/-
BM- 7CStand for K.P4800/-
BM- 7DWeight for Keter's Pendulam2350/-
BM- 8Barton's App)Torsion Apparatus, Horizental Searies Pattern Biotech
BM- 8A50 cms. with two scales w/o weight3000/-
BM- 8B100 cms. with 3 scales w/o weights 4500/-
BM - 9Torsion, Vertical Biotech, Price without weights 7150/-
BM - 9ATorison Pendulum - 25 cm dia complete with wall bracket 3040/-
BM -9BSearie's Rigidity Apparatus for finding Y & N Biotech
BM -9B-aSteel N.P.2350/-
BM -9B-bBrass N.P. / S.S.2700/-
BM -9B-cStand for above extra1800/-
BM -10Rigidity Modulus Dynamical method. Biotech 16" long x 13000/-
BM -11Flat spiral spring, Spherometer Type with stand2910/-
BM -12Maxwell Vibration Needle Biotech Graduated
BM -12ABrass tube with wall bracket4150/-
BM -12BStand for above extra1520/-
BM -13Fly wheel Biotech 8" with pointer w/o revolution counter & weight3300/-
BM -13ADitto fitted with revolution counter4160/-
BM -13BSpare counter for fly wheel975/-
BM -14ABoyle's Law Apparatus, Biotech Metal basae with levelling screws price without mercry1500/-
BM -14BBoyle's Law Apparatus, improved with graduated pippets with stop cock3900/-
BM -15 Hares Apparatus1450/-
BM -16AFortins Barometer in wooden case without mercury8400/-
BM -16BMercury for above 500 gm7020/-
BM -16CCase for barometer 3 side transparent 3510/-
BM-17AAneroid Barometer Indian - Biotech460/-
BM-17BAneroid barometer Demonstration type780/-
BM-17CAneroid barometer imported Japan /England1950/-
BM -18ASlow Motion stand Biotech for Surface Tension 1700/-
BM -18BSurface Tension Capillaries method2730/-
BM -18C -----do -------by drop method3120/-
BM -19Bending of Beam Apparatus Biotech Price without weight2210/-
BM -20Koing Apparatus for bending of beam. Biotech price without weights3000/-
BM -21Bifilar Pendulum Biotech with bracket2620/-
BM -22AInertia Bar Biotech 15 cms d/a with wall bracket2950/-
BM -22BMade of S.S. rod3000/-
BM -23At wood's Machine Biotech with wall bracket large6800/-
BM -24AStop clock Biotech with fly back action, Deluxe 760/-
BM -24BStop clock EASAL1450/-
BM -24CStop clock England Smith1950/-
BM -25AStop watch Racer/Imprted3250/-
BM -25B1/10th Second dimond 3200/-
BM -25CDigital700/-
BM -26AViscosity Apparatus Biotech Manometer type with constant level tank of brass N.P.2500/-
BM -26BApparatus for measuring viscosity of liquids Oscilllating disc. Method (Mayer's Method) Biotech1950/-
BM -26CRankine's apparatus for determination of Viscosity of Gases BIOTECH1500/-
BM -26DVicosity by Stokes Method2200/-
BM -27Viscometer, Searies pattern, Biotech price without weight 4500/-
BM -28Vicosity Apparatus Rotating Cylinder type. Biotech with electric motor and countre44400/-
BM -29Jaegers Apparatus for determination of surface tension Biotech w/o travelling microscope2500/-
BM -30Surface Tension Balance, Searle's Biotech2350/-
BM -31Surface Tension by Ripples Apparatus Biotech19000/-
BM -32AQuickness Apparatus for the determination of surface Tension of Mercury Biotech price w/o mercury but withTravelling Microscope9000/-
BM -32B Mercury pure extra-Per Kg10800/-
BM -32CTravelling Microscope for above extra (deluxe) 8280/-
BM -33AParallelogram Law of Force Apparatus Biotech with brass weight 3300/-
BM -33B-do- weights of Iron N.P. (for above)1950/-
BM -34AHot Air Blower Philips / Imported3125/-
BM -34B - Do -- Indian975/-
BM -35 Meter Rods, Biotech1450/-
BM -36Half meter rods, Biotech 715/-
BM -37lotted weights set of 4 and Hanger Biotech most Accurate Iron C.P.
BM -37A20 gms. Brass N.P. x 5 = 100 gmRs. 390/set
BM -37B50 gms. Brass N.P. x 5 = 250 gmRs. 650/set
BM -37C100 gms. Brass N.P. x 5 = 500 gmRs. 1200/set
BM -37D250 gms. Iron x 5 = 1.25 kg385/-
BM -37E 500 gms. Iron x 5 = 2.50 kg700/-
BM -37F1000 gms. Iron x 5 = 5 kg1370/-
BM -38Manometer -open and 18" with stand320/-
BM -39Constant Level Tank 1630/-
BM -40Rising Table with slow motion2340/-
BM -41Specific Gravity Bottles, (R.D. bottle) Borosilicate glass
Cap ml. = 10cc 90/- Each
Cap ml. =25 cc130/- Each
Cap ml. =50 cc.170/-Each
Cap ml. =100 cc315/-Each
BM -42ANicholson's Hydrometer. Biotech 500/-
BM -42BJar for above extra750/-
BM -43AInclined Plane Friction Apparatus with protactor Glass top, Brass Arc and Brass N.P. Roller1950/-
BM -43BDouble inclined plane-Export quality2300/-
BM - 44Wooden block
BM - 44A3" x 2" x 1/2"100/-
BM - 44B4" x 2.5" x1" 150/-
BM -45Friction Board1950/-
BM -46Vacuum Cum pressure pump. Biotech8700/-
BM -47Rotary High Vacuum Pump. Biotech Diaphram type
BM -47ADouble stage-Displacement
Cap in Lit = 2524000/- Each
Cap in Lit =5029400/- Each
Cap in Lit =7531800/- Each
BM -48Poisson's Ratio of Rubber Apparatus Biotech prise without weight 2250/-
BM -49Meter Scale 100 cm. Wooden80/-
Stainless Steel420/-
BM -50Measuring Tape
Size = 2 M
Size =3 M80/-
Size =15 M 410/-
Size =30 M530/-
BM -51Ticker Tape Time Biotech 220V AC operate with about 50 strokes per seconds with carbon Disc & Coll of tape roll1500/-
BM -52Spare Spool of tape roll250/-
BM -53Calculators - Imported/Cassio/Citizen
BM -53ALCD 8 digit memory pocket calculator (working on penlight cell) with carrying case 600/-
BM -53B8 digit advance scientific penlight cell with carrying case, Imported/Cassio /Citizen1320/-
BM -53CLCD 10 Digit double memory desktop calculator (working on penlight cell)1176/-
BM -53DCalculator with printer LCD 10 digit green display desktop calculator with double memory & printer2280/-
BM -53EImported/Cassio/Citizen -12 digit mini printer cum display desk calculator charger and rechageable Nickle cadmium cell6240/-
BM -53FMaxi-digit heavy duty printer 14 digit green display heavy duty printer cum display desk calculator working on direct 220 V AC.5400/-
BM -54Thermometers Laboratory C & F 10 to 11070/-
Range - 0 to 250 x 1°C or 0-360 x 1°C70/-
Range - 10-110 x 1/2°C or 250 x 1/2°C or 360 x 1/2°C 100/-
BM -55AThermometer Max & Mini Indian Deluxe 250/-
BM -55BJapan/England/Imported960/-
BM -56AThermometer Wet & Dry Indian Deluxe250/-
BM -56B-do- Japan/England/Imported900/-
BM -57AThermometer wall indian best quality120/-
BM -57B-do- Japan/England/Imported 400/-
BM -58Thermometer Dial Type600/-
BM -59 Thermometer Digital with one meter probe1500/-
BM -60Lactometer Best Quality with glass tube90/-
BM -61 Bucket and cylinder brass superior290/-
BM -62et of cylinder -Metalic Biotech set of 6 Metals
Length x dia 1/2" x 1"Rs. 365/Set
Length x dia 1/2" x 1.5" Rs. 500/Set
BM -63Cubes-set of 6 Metals
With hole 1 x 1/2"
Rs. 455/set
With hole 1.5" x 1/2"Rs. 585/set
W/O hole 2 x 1/2" Rs. 900/set
BM -64Rectangular Blocks set of 6 different Metals with hole in centre for thermometer-set 1100/-
BM -65Spheres -set of 6 different Metals
Dia= 1/2"
Dia= 3/4"470/set
Dia= 1"780/set
BM -66Pressure of liquids in all directions260/-
BM -67Pendulam Bob - with hook
Dia = 1/2"
Brass Each - 50/-
Set of 6 -290/-
Dia =3/4"Brass Each - 80/-
Set of 6 - 460/-
Dia =1"Brass Each - 100/-
Set of 6 - 663/-
BM -67 A(i)Simple Pendulum850/-
(ii) Centilever Pendulum600/-
BM -68Innertia Table biotech - 15 cm. Dia table, with set of ring sections and Geometrical weights superior Quality5000/-
BM -69Charle's Law app. with weights1500/-
BM -70Hook's Law app. with weights1080/-
BM -71Hook's Law app. Superior quality Biotech1950/-
BM -72Helicle spring one stand with pointer and hook with mirror 2470/-
BM -73Law of moments wooden with slotted weight superior345/-
BM -74Lead shots (per 100)650/-
BM -75Plumb Bobs Big size Metalic350/-
BM -76Pulley Z for parallelogram App120/-
BM -77Pulley long of parllel with hook
80/- Each
Double115/- Each
Tripple165/- Each
BM -78'G' Clamp
Size - 2"
200/- Each
Size - 3"240/- Each
Size - 4"290/- Each
Size - 5"480/- Each
BM -79Dial Balance Top pan Japan type fibre glass with zero adjustment device
Cap. = 500 gm700/- Each
Cap. = 1 Kg 850/- Each
Cap. = 2 Kg950/- Each
Cap. = 5 Kg1300/- Each
BM -80pring balance superior Quality Plastic /Metal body with Zero adjustment device.
Cap in gm. = 5050/- Each
Cap in gm. =10060/- Each
Cap in gm. =250 80/- Each
Cap in gm. =50095/- Each
Cap in gm. =1000120/- Each
BM-81Inertia Bar - biotech 30 cms long & 2 cms in diameter with wall bracket1750/-
BM-82Inertia Disc- biotech brass disc of 15 cms diameter & 6mm thick with wall bracket3000/-