Physiology Apparatus-Botany

A most comprehensive and profusely illustrated section of physiological apparatus is complete for teachers to facilitate of various parts of the apparatus, Wherever , possible ,we have offered glass parts manufactured from borosil glass which enhance the visibility and durability of the appratus .In such cases please note accessories such as bottles, cylinders , bell jars and jars are supplied of best indian glass.If you have nay special requirements , please furnish us with full specification and sketch.



Product codeProduct Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
College export
grade grade
1401Apparatus for measuring
the external work -
performed by swelling seed.
1500/- 2500/-
1402pparatus for observing the
phenomenon of absorption
of water.
150/- 200/-
1403-do- borosil corning glass.200/- 280/-
1404Apparatus to show the energy
of imbibition-macdougal.
210/- 350/-
1405do- corning glass.250/- 380/-
1406Apparatus for investigating
the pressure effects. Die to
osmotic process.
200/- 300/-
1407-DO- corning glass. 350/- 600/-
1408Osmotic pressire -with 'U' &
'T" tube fitted with stop cock.
170/- 225/-
1409 -do- corning glass. 250/- 350/-
1410Apparatus for determining
the amount of osmotic
pressure - detmer
170/- 250/-
1411Apparatus for investigating
the pressure effect due osmetic
pressure -with stop cock,
stand and clamp.
280/- 390/-
1412 do- corning glass 400/- 600/-
1413App.for demonstrating
the osmotic pressure-
with porus pot.
190/- 300/-

1414App. for demonstrating the
osmotic pressure-comprising
of a glass tube & a glass
tube and a bell shaped vessel
at the bottom
200/- 300/-
1415 Demonstration Osmoscope-
Ganong's detmer.
200/- 300/-
1416do- corning glass.280/- 400/-
1417Osmometer pfeffer's-complete
with porus and fine capillary
200/- 300/-
1418 -do- corning glass 300/- 450/-
1419-Endosmometer 250/- 400/-
1420Dialyser. 220/- 320/-
1421-App.for demonstrating of osmotic
pressure pfeffer's complete.
270/- 320/-
1422-do- corning glass 345/- 450/-

Transpiration of Water

Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
College export
grade grade
1423Root pressure app. - simple
from w/o flower pot
220/- 280/
1424do-- corning glass 270/- 350/-
1425 App. for experiment on root
pressure.-with 'T' tube &
graduated jar
200/- 300/
1426App. for experiment on root
pressure- corning glass.
400/- 600/-
1427App. to demonstrate the
process leading to root
130/- 200/-
1428do- corning glass. 220/- 350/-
1429High pressure mono meter-
Ganong's graduated.
220/- 300/-
1430do- corning glass 300/- 450/-
1431App. for investigating the
influence of pressure. On the
escape of water from plant
300/- 400/-
1432 do- corning glass 500/- 670/-
1433App. for demonstration the
readiness- with the water moves
in wood.
290/- 380/-
1434-do- corning glass. 425/- 525/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.)
College export
grade grade
1456 Potometer  Transpirationexperiment with righty angles,  side tube complete with rubber corks fitted with tubes.             150/- 200/-
1457  corning glass                       200/- 270/-
1458 Ganong's photometer on stand with  graduated fine capillary tube.       200/- 300/-
1459 corning glass.                 280/- 350/-
1460Molls potometer for measuring absorption of water.                    250/- 350/-
1461 corning glass.                     390/- 550/-
1462 Potometer farmer's formeasuring the amount to   transpiration.                            200/- 280/-
1463 do corning glass 350/- 440/-
1464  Potometer for observing the rateof water by transpiring plants undervarying circumstances,completewith rubber corks box woodenscale & calmp.                         350/- 400/-
1465Potometer do corning glass.   550/- 600/-
1466 Potometer Vasques 60"borosil/corning glass.                370/- 500/-
1467Darwin potometer complete.    200/- 300/-
1468do corning glass.                     280/- 400/-
1469Apparatus to show the unequaltranspiratory activities on the different surface of leaves 180/- 220/-
1470 Transpiration tubes graduatedin 15 ml x 1.10 ml.                     180/- 220/-

1471 do corning glass                   200/- 300/-
1472 Apparatus for investigating  the transpiration w/o thermometer  220/- 300/-
1473 do corning glass                    400/- 500/-
1474 Space marking wheel made ofvery hard rubber to lining.            280/- 300/-
1475Space marking disc:               170/- 270/-
1476 Normal  light screen strongly built from brass ,beautifully starshaped cut & provided with windows, nickel plated.                            300/- 375/-
1477 Normal light screen for  studying the effect of light of different  colours on photo synthesis,comprising of a wooden box fitted with threecolour of glass having a slitto insert  leaf.The box can be fitted any side.   1050/- 1300/-

1478 Apparatus  to demonstrate theair cavity of the leaf communicatedwith the outer through the stomata.   410/- 440/-
1479 do corning glass         490/- 550/-
1480 Leaf clasp ganongsspecial pattern: Newlydesigned.                            220/- 270/-
1481 Leaf clasp ganongssimple form.                          120/- 170/-
1482 Apparatus to demonstrate loss of weight due totranspiration complete          340/- 390/-
1483 App. to demonstrateloss of weight due totranspiration,complete390/- 480/-
1484 Leaf area cutter Metallic                                   340/- 400/-
1485Thodayis photometer on stand.                              490/- 580/-
1486 Thodayis photometer on stand corning glass.           570/- 700/-
1487Gorrous potometer        290/- 410/-
1488Bosses potometers         290/- 410/-


Product codeProduct Name & DescriptionPrice (Rs.) College exportPrice (Rs.)    
1489 Respiration apparatus for demonstrating theproduction of carbon dioxide in the  respiration of plantcomplete.      670/ 800/
1490 do  corning glass        670/ 900/
1491 Titration App. with 2 litrebottle  fitted  with rubber corks and burette 50mlx1/10ml connected with drying tubes.  290/   540/
1492 Titration Apparatus corning glass.                        540/     680/
1493Absorption tubes (Pettenkoffer's) complete with rubber corks w/o wash bottle preffers vol.       180/    220/
1494 do corning glass        230/    300/
1495 Respiration apparatus(Pettenkoffer's) 5 cms longrubber corks w/o wash bottle preffers vol.                            790/    840/
1496 do corning glass.         880/   990/
1497 Apparatus for experimenton respiration of root A zinc trough and jar fitted with dropping funnel.                   440/  520/
1498Apparatus for experiment on respiration of root A inc trough and jar fitted with ropping funnel corning glass.                                     520/  680/
1499Apparatus to investigate the inflienceof light on respiration.                      520/  680/
1500  do corning glass        680/ 880/
1501App. to demonstratethe evolution of carbondioxide from plants preffer vol.                                         625/      670/
1502docorning glass       750/       900/
1503Ganong;s respirometerncomplete graduated levellingtube and fitted with stand.    540/  600/
1504do  corning glass         640/      750/
1505 Demonstration respiroscope Ganongs               220/       300/
1506  do Ganongs borosil/corning glass.                        300/     400/
1507 Garreau's bottle complete to show the production  carbon dioxide.   220/     280/
1508 Garreau's tube1000mlcapacity The lower part is graduated.                                330/        390/
1509  do corning glass        480/      550/
1510Apparatus for experiment on plant respiromation To  demonstrate the consumption of oxygen innormal respiration.Twograduated tubes calibrated in 0.1ml.                               440/    600/
1511 do corning glass         700/       850/
1512 Apparatus for experiment to demonstrate that the oxgygen of the air is used up in  respiration corning glass.   340/       425/
1513Apparatus to show thatthe formation of starchdepends pon the presence of CO2 from ater plants.   340/     480/
1514Apparatus  for land plants Darwin and action w/o pot.                                 400/       600/
1515Apparatus to demonstrate the excreption of CO2 in germination vessel Tall funnel with test tubessuspended by wire w/o stand. 210/     270/
1516 do corning glass         345/       400/
1517App. for growingplants in atmosphere freefrom CO2 pfeffer                     325/    410/
1518Fermentation vessels Khune's fitted on stand.          150/       220/
1519docorning glass.          220/        280/
1520 App. for investigationthe fermentation complete with condensing flask to w/o thermometer.                              310/      370/
1521  docorning glass.          415/       490/
1522 App for investigation the fermentation in absence offree oxygen cap of flask 250ml       315/          395/
1523 do corning glass        425/         500/
1524 Diferential air thermometer for measuring the heat produced in respiration with cup to.                325/     370/
1525 do corning glass         390/     450/
1526 App. to demonstrate the heat produced in normal & intramolecular w/o thermometer     390/      490/
1527   do corning glass  620/        700/
1528 App. to demonstrate the giving out of CO2 germinating seeds complete from withfour bottles, rubber corks & glass tubes fitted.      415/      600/
1530 App.for demonstrate the  in take of oxygen Germinating seeds.               300/600/
1531 Apparatus after puriswitch for the determinating  of respiration quotient (RQ) under the influence of various nutrient solution.             405/450/
1532 do corning glass.     570/    750/
1533 Demonstration app for fermentation Ganongs complete corning glass.     700/900/
1534 App. for proving the production of heat by plants two sets required without thermometer per set.             550/720/
1535 Simple calorimeter for study to heat relations of respiration ganongs comprising of a vaccum flask with thermometers        480/540/
1536 Bonoler & Mangins respiration apparatus.           1100/ 1350/
1537App. to show the absorption of oxygen & liberation of CO2 inaerobic respiration complete.            440/700/
1538 App. to showing the anaeronic & aerobic respiration complete.            390/ 415/
1539 do corning glass       480/ 600/
1540Apparatus for the experiment To demonstrate the oxygen of the air is used up in the respiration     230/ 310/
1541 do corning glass         315/ 390/
1542Air current commutator corning glass.                           780/        900/
1543Apparatus to demon strate the amount of O2 & CO2  produced in theres pirtion of plants,complete with stand.                          1800/       2100/
1544 Warburg monometer for the measurements of yeast in respirationon wooden base & graduated scale corning glass.               1100/        1300/
1545 Respiratory apparatus for determining the  quantity of CO2 inintra molecular and normal respiration.               1300/ 1500/
1546Apparatus for proving that roots are unable to grow in absence of free oxygen complete with stand.             350/         480/


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
College export
grade export
for demonstrating the
absorption of carbon-
dioxide by green plants
in light & equivolumetric
release of oxygen.Complete
with stand graduated jar
470/- 600/-

1548- do-- corning glass. 660/- 780/-
1549Molls App.- to show that
the carbon-Dioxide is essential
for the process of photo synthesis
in green plants essential.
600/- 680/-
1550App. for the culture
of plants,under exclusion
of CO2. Complete
370/- 440/-/
1551Apparatus to measure
the photosynthetic rate by
leaf disc sodium bicarbonate
360/- 445/-
1552App. to prove that the
green plants only produce
oxygen when carbon-dioxide
is at their disposal without
270/- 405/-
1553App. to prove that the
green plants can only produce
oxygen when carbon-dioxide
is at disposal without
thermometer corning glass
440/- 595/-
1554Moll's apparatus-for
experiment assimilation
620/- 780/-
1555Apparatus for estimation
of carbon-dioxide-by
assimilating plant complete
without mercury & platinum
440/- 680/-
1556Heliostate with clock-
work divided are for dividing
the axis to the latitude based
on the iron foot with levelling
2500/- 2700/-
1557Apparatus to show the
formation of starch depends
upon the presence of carbon
dioxide for water plants.
Darwin an action.
340/- 390/-
1558App. to show the rate
of carbon-dioxide in photo-
synthesis and occurance of
starch synthesis in green
590/- 750/-
1559Leaf area cutter-
(Leaf punch)- made of very
hard,steel capable of easily
cutting even the thinnest
material fitted with brass pipe
having holes,superior quality.
390/- 440/-
1560Apparatus for collecting
theoxygen produced by
assimilating water plant-
290/- 390/-
1561Moll's Half experiment-
to show that CO2 is essential
for photosynthesis.
290/- 390/-
1562Apparatus to show the
comparative study of respiration
& photo synthesis on stand.
620/- 770/-
1563 do-- corning glass 790/- 900/-
1564Apparatus for determi-
ning the effect of lack of
oxygen-upon the synthesis of
chlorophy II.
270/- 390/-
1565Will mot's bubbler for
the measurement of the
ratio of photosynthesis.
315/- 390/


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
College export
grade export
auxanograph (auxano-
meter)-with recording cylinder
revolving once an hour and
outer specific interval,
ganongs ittedwith new german machine.
3000/- 3700/-
1567Lever Auxanometer
(Arc indicator)- A graduate
guadrant with pully and
aluminium pointer for
recording growth of plants
arc is adjustable at any
1100/- 1370/-
1568Lever Auxanometer
(Arc indicator)-Arc is made
of metal small size.
415/- 610/-
1569Demonstration auxano-
meter (Frisch pattern )-
for ecording growth of plants
on lantern smokedplate with
intervalsof 1/4 , 1/2 controlled
with new German machine.
4500/- 5000/-
1570Micro anxanometer-
screw pattern,an auxonometer
for measuring even the slightest
growth at any interval , strongly
metal built accuracy upto
0.01 mm.
4500/- 5000/-
1571Apparatus for the culture
of plants in the absence of
all nitrogenous complete
4050/- 5000/-
1572Apparatus to show organic
growth- incomplete absence
of oxygen.
500/- 600/-
1573Observationbox- made
of wood for the seedings.
size 9x9x6" with sloping
glass front.
395/- 490/-
anoxyscioe- for proving
the necessity of oxygen in
750/- 900/-
1575Demonstration caloriscope
and calorimeter-complete with
stand and thermometer.
640/- 700/-
1576Apparatus to show the
quantity measurement of
catylase- Activity with stand &
670/- 770/-
1577do--- corning glass. 890/- 990/-
1578Legoc's absorption
1579do- corning glass. 470/- 590/-
1580Retort shaped vessel-
for the culture of plants in
the space devoid of oxygen
370/- 500/-
1581 -do- corning glass. 600/- 750/-
1582Apparatus for investigation
the action of oxolic or nitrates.
220/- 270/-
1583Water culture
arrangement-with crystalising
basin and a porous plate.
290/- 340/
1584jar to show that many
shoot exhibit well marked
235/- 300/-
1585Glass jar stoppered for
culture of seedings.
235/- 300/-
1587Glass jar with thermometer
cork lined glass cover for culture
of seedings. Detmer german
280/- 345/-
1588Apparatus for Investigating
growth of roots.
280/- 345/-
1589Zinc Case- with glass walls
for observation of roots
780/- 980/-
1590ark box Heliotropic
chamber-Comprising of a
highly ooden box of 20x20x35
cms ith window to show that
plants grow toward light and
root away from its.
700/- 850/-
1591Apparatus for the
demonstration of Hydro-
tropism of roots.
340/- 600/-
1592Sieve to demonstrates
of ydrotropism of root-
Size 12x12" with partitioned
and the hanging
500/- 750/-
1593Germination box-
(Triple chamber)-A box
containing chambers one
provide with opaque shutter,
the other window nd the third
with plane glass sets of
coloured glasses extra.
1850/- 2100/-
1595Apparatus to show
Organic growth- In complete
absence of oxygen.
370/- 440/-
1596Apparatus for the
demonstration of geotrophism
of root cccurvature
440/- 620/-
1597Water culture chemicals-
set of 5 chemicals in the
experiment of prove the
minerals difficiency.
345/- 440/-
1598Apparatus for the
demonstration that, roots
execute geotropic curvature
480/- 540/-
1599Temperature phenomenon
apparatus-for investigating effects
of high temp. on seeds with
370/- 440/-
1660Apparatus to show the
production of heat by plants
complete with thermometer
390/- 440/-
1661Electrical phenomenon
apparatus-to determine the
electrical potential in plant
380/- 490/
1662Seed magnifier on
tripod stand 3" size.
390/- 440/-
1663Bell jar coloured-
made of transparent acrylic
shee- any colours Red,Blue,
Green, Yellow amber size
440/- 600/-


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
College export
grade export
1604Induction coil- to induce
experiment work,it can be
used in so many other purpose
in the class room.
290/- 390/-
1605Pfeffer's apparatus-for
investigating the movement
of gases in the plants
390/- 480/
1606Apparatus for investi-
gation permeability of wood
vesseles-complete with 'U'
tube with gas jar
390/- 480/-
1607Apparatus for showing
that the air can pass through
290/- 350/-
1608Poracope christiaini's:-
to demonstrate that the
tracheides of the wood are
impermeable under certain
345/- 480/-
1609 do-- corning glass. 340/- 480/-
1610Diffusion apparatus-
for investigating the diffusion
of gases complete with stand
315/- 380/-
1611--do-- corning glass. 410/- 525/-
1612Diffusuin apparatus-
to demonstrate that tracheides
of the wood are impermeable
under certain pressure.
340/- 440/-
1613Bonssing aults apparatus
to prove that the plants are
incapables of taking up free
nitrogen, complete without
flower pot.
620/- 890/-
1614Bell jar supports-
complete including two glass
plates bell jar with glass and
rubber stopper.

430/- 600/-
1615 Apparatus showing the
negative pressure in the
vessel of plants.
290/- 390/-
1616--do-- corning glass.380/- 480/-
1617Willmott's bubber
(Simple type)containing one
bottle,one angular pipette to
hold hydrilla plant
380/- 450/-
1618Parameter for measring
The degree of stomatal oping
on the leaf.
520/- 680/-
1619 --do--- corning glass. 680/- 790/-
1620Apparatus for
demonstrating develop-
ment of pressure during the
diffusion of gases
550/- 780/-
1621---do--- corning glass. 725/- 900/-
1622Heinken's apparatus
to study catalase energy
activity with stand and
650/- 950/-


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
BPPA-1 Rubber tubing-Bore 3 mm to 6 mm540
BPPA-2Rubber tubing-Bore 8 mm to 10 mm670
BPPA-3Rubber corks-No. 1 to No 244
BPPA-4Rubber corks-No. 4to No.8 288
BPPA-5Rubber corks-No. 9to no. 14480
BPPA-6Parchment Paper 135
BPPA-7'U' tube 'Y' tube-Netural glass 30

do-borosil glass 55
BPPA-8Animal permiable membrane100
BPPA-9Mercury metal (imported) 1500
BPPA-10Burette/Retort stand with clamp500
BPPA-11Test tube stand 6 holes heavy quality432


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)
1Typical plant cell enlarged500
2Golgi body enlarged500
3Mitochondira enlarged500
4Nucleous enlarged500
5Types of Lysosomes set of 2models650
6Endoplasmic Reticulum enlarged650
7Plastids microscope structure enlarged650
8Typical chromosome enlarged650
9Types of chromosomes set of 3 models750
10Mitosi's cell division set of 10 models highly enlarged1300
11Meiosis cell division set of 10 models highly enlarged1300


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)

DNA modelA.Double helical structure of DNA(Watson Crick) 1100/-

B.Biological Structure of DNA 650/-

C.Linkage of Nucleotides of DNA 850/-

D.Replication of DNA 950/-

E.DNA set of 4 Models 3550/-


Product code
Product Name & Description
Price (Rs.)

RNA modelA. Helical structure of RNA 1100/-

B. Mechanism of protien Synthesis(RNA) 900/-

C. Linkage of nucleotides (RNA) 850/-

D. RNA set of 3 model 2850/-